Frequently asked questions about the NACC Program

Who can apply to be certified by the NACC Program for Architectural Glass and Metal Contractors?

All Contractors who have a concentration of their business in the AG&M field of expertise and who comply with program requirements are eligible to apply for theNACC Program.  Participation is always on a voluntary basis.


How long has the NACC Program been available?

The NACC Board of Directors was formed in August 2014.  The NACC Board of Directors represent the Architectural Glass and Metal Industry in various roles including industry leading Contractors, Industry Consultants, Construction Specification and Document Specialists, and Manufacturers.  The input from the vast experience of the Board of Directors was compiled to form the program procedures and requirements for the NACC Program.


When can I apply to become certified through the NACC Program?

Open enrollment will begin in mid- January 2015.  At that time the application will be made available through the “How do I apply” for the program link on the NACCProgram.com website.


What is the role of AMS, Inc. in the NACC Program?

Administrative Management Systems, Inc. (AMS, Inc) provides 3rd party certification for the NACC Program as the Certification Body.  Since 1997, AMS, Inc. has provided single contract coordination of certification, inspection, and quality auditing services between fabricators of fenestration products, and nationally recognized associations such as the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC), Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC), Insulating Glass Manufacturer’s Alliance (IGMA), The Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA), and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).


What is the role of the FCA International in the NACC Program?

The Finishing Contractors Association (FCA International) has provided sponsorship to develop the NACC Program in order to provide a universally available program for all contractors in the Architectural Metal and Glass Industry. 


How will Certified AG&M Contractors be acknowledged under the NACC Program?

After completing all requirements for the NACC Program, the Certified Contractor will receive an Acknowledgment of Certification certificate and have their company name listed on the NACC Certified Contractor Listing that will be publicly available at the NACCProgram.com website.